Postgraduate Scholarship Program

Application Form – Application for the Postgraduate Scholarship, PDF Version

Please contact Michelle Newberry @ if you are interested in applying.

The Medalist Club established the Postgraduate Scholarship Program to support the higher education pursuits for our former athletes and others who have contributed to the success of the Alabama gymnastics program. 

The Medalist Club Scholarship Committee will:

  • Consist of the club’s President, Past President and the Chair of the Scholarship Committee
  • Ensure all application materials are updated/current each year
  • Ensure sufficient funds are available to award scholarship in a given year and determine amount to be awarded recipient(s) in a given year
  • Establish application deadlines each year
  • Receive all applications in a given year
  • Forward all applications in a given year to the Scholarship Selection Committee

The Scholarship Selection Committee will:

  • Consist of the Associate AD with oversight responsibility for the sport of gymnastics, the Head Gymnastics Coach and the gymnastics team’s academic advisor.
  • Review all applications forwarded to it by the Medalist Club Scholarship Committee
  • Determine recipients of any scholarship award
  • Communicate award recipient to the Medalist Club Scholarship Committee and the Athletics Compliance Office

The amount of the scholarships will vary from year to year, but will be $1,000 minimum in $500 increments, to a maximum of $5,000 based on available funds, the number of qualified candidates in any given year and the cost of the graduate program.  The funds will be distributed to the recipient through the financial aid office of her/his graduate school, if at all possible, in one distribution.

Detailed information about The Medalist Club Postgraduate Scholarship:

The purpose of the Postgraduate Scholarship Program is to support the higher education pursuits of former University of Alabama athletes and others who have contributed to the success of the Alabama gymnastics program, who have demonstrated exemplary service to The University of Alabama Gymnastics program.  This service may come in the form of actual competition or by other means (strong marketing, administrative, coaching or managerial support).  The Medalist Club welcomes the application of all who have contributed to the success of the program through their dedication while attending The University of Alabama.  We also applaud and encourage continued contribution to the program through the ongoing endeavors as professionals in a variety of chosen fields. 

Selection Criteria:
The selection criteria for this scholarship award are as follows:

  • Applicant must have served the gymnastics program in some capacity and have exemplified and continue to exemplify the values and ideals reflective of this high caliber team.
    • Teamwork
    • Diligence
    • Sets and achieves goals
    • Spirit of giving/service to others
    • Quality/Excellence
    • Financial Need
  • Must be accepted to or currently enrolled in a graduate degree program at The University of Alabama
  • Earned undergraduate degree from The University of Alabama
  • Minimum undergraduate GPA of 3.0

Selection Process:
The following must be submitted to The Medalist Club by June 1 (fall enrollment) and/or November 1 (spring enrollment).

  1. Completed application form
  2. Two letters of recommendation (not from a coaching staff member or Scholarship Selection Committee member)
  3. Current resume
  4. Copy of letter of acceptance to graduate degree program
  5. University of Alabama undergraduate transcripts (and any transfer credit transcripts)

The Scholarship Selection Committee may conduct either an in-person or telephone interview.  The Scholarship Selection Committee will make all final award decisions via a majority vote.  A scholarship may be presented at the gymnastics banquet and/or at the alumni gymnastics meet in February.

Any applicant not selected in a given cycle may re-apply simply by sending a letter to the Medalist Club Scholarship Committee.  The letter may state either that a) nothing has changed or b) provide any relevant updates to the application.

Scholarship Amounts and Distribution:
A maximum of two awards will be presented in any given cycle (i.e. February and April). An applicant may apply and/or receive funds multiple times.  However, only one masters or higher level degree may be supported by The Medalist Club Scholarship fund.

$1,000 minimum will be awarded in increments of $500 based on the following:

  • Available funds
  • Cost of degree program
  • Quality of application
  • Financial need of applicant

Funds will be distributed to the recipient(s) through the financial aid office of the graduate school (in one distribution).  If the graduate school is unable to receive the funds in this way, the recipient will receive the funds directly in the form of a check.