Postgraduate Scholarship 9.9 Club

Make Your 9.9 Scholarship Pledge Here

This is your chance to support the Postgraduate Scholarship Fund that has to date awarded over $ 65,000 in scholarship aid to members of the Alabama Gymnastics Family.

Here is how the 9.9 Club works: As a member, you make a pledge for a specific amount of money that you will donate for each score of 9.9 or better that the Tide earns this season. At the end of the season we will announce the total number of 9.9s our gymnasts score. Multiply that by the amount you specified and that is your donation to the Scholarship Fund.

The donation is TAX DEDUCTIBLE and 100% of the funds realized will go to the Postgraduate Scholarship Fund.

Before you make your pledge, you should know some of the numbers. The team will participate in 14 meets, each of which will produce 24 scores for a potential of 336 scores. Over the last 6 full seasons, the Tide has averaged 82 scores that would qualify for the Club donation. We did have a banner year last season with 119 scores of 9.9 or better.

We recommend a minimum donation of $ 1.00 per 9.9 or better, but any amount is welcome. Also, if you would like to put a cap on the amount, that is perfectly fine. To make your pledge, please complete the form linked below and mail it to, The Medalist Club, PO Box 71996, Tuscaloosa, AL 35407.