Sarah Patterson Distinguished Alumni Award

As Coach Patterson has said, the Alabama Gymnastics program, “is dedicated to nurturing the whole person. We are going to compete for championships at Alabama, we are going to excel in the classroom, and we are going to do our very best to make a positive impact in the world around us…Alabama is about far more than the four years that our ladies compete for the Crimson Tide. It is about building relationships that last a lifetime. As the years have passed, it has been especially gratifying to watch as our ladies have gone on to lead lives of distinction filled with success.”

The Sarah Patterson Distinguished Alumni Award was conceived and created by the Medalist Club to honor those who best personify these sentiments.

The intent and purpose of the Medalist Club in presenting this award is not only to recognized those who helped create and continue the success of the program while attending the university, but more specifically to cite and honor those members of the Alabama Gymnastics family who have gone on to be leaders in their everyday lives, in their professions, and in their communities. Prior recipients, such as Barbara Mack Harding, Patti Rice Eggers, and Marie Robbins, exemplify the criteria for this award.

All Medalist Club members are eligible to nominate a candidate for this award. In addition, if you are a former Alabama gymnast, coach, or staff member you are also designated by the Medalist Club as an eligible nominator. Along with your observations of, and/or experiences with, your candidate, both during and after their years with the program, we are asking that you submit a résumé for your nominee which includes the following considerations:
    • The nominee must have been out of the program a minimum of five years
    • An evaluation of the nominee’s community involvement
    • An evaluation of the nominee’s professional accomplishments/involvement

Download Nomination Form Here

Mail the nomination form to:
    Medalist Club
    Attn: SPDAA Committee
    PO 71996
    Tuscaloosa, AL 35407

Once nominations have been received, the selection committee will review the resumes and select an honoree. The selection committee shall be made up of the Head Coach, Athletic Department Liaison, the incumbent Medalist Club President, the President ex-officio, and the President-Elect of the Medalist Club.

In order to allow the greater Alabama Gymnastics family to show their appreciation for the recipient’s accomplishments in person, the Sarah Patterson Distinguished Alumni Award will be presented during a meet. A nomination deadline, as well as , the specific date for the presentation of the award will be announced each year after the gymnastics schedule is made public. Any expenses incurred for travel to and lodging while visiting Tuscaloosa, for the honoree and her/his guest, will be defrayed by the Medalist Club. We request that the honoree or her/his representative be present to receive the award.

To allow us ample time to select the honoree and to make arrangements for their stay in Tuscaloosa, please submit your nomination to the address shown above prior to the deadline.. As you may well imagine, the difficulty will not be in obtaining nominations for worthy recipients, but in selecting one from such an exceptional group of individuals. Any nominations submitted after the deadline will be retained by the selection committee for future consideration.